Invest In shares NZ With A Budget of $5

Invest in Shares NZ and be sure it is one of the best ways to create passive income.

Just think, What makes you rich?

Is it not a very interesting question? We keep working and keep trying to save as much as possible. And it sometimes looks as if our life has become a part of never ending loop.Work, pay bills and repeat. Can you relate your situation to this fact? Most of us do relate to this never ending cyclic process.

Invest In shares NZ

We sacrifice all our dreams and keep working hard, day in and day out. And finally we find ourselves old enough to wonder, was it all worth it?

Today, I decided to think about it. Why today? Well, I found a new idea and I will share it with you. So keep reading my today’s blog post up to the end.

My final verdict on this problem is that as long as you keep investing your time to earn dollars, you will never be able to come out of this loop. You invest your time to do what you love to do but you need to have a secondary income which should come irrespective of your time and effort. And that is called passive income.

Passive income can be generated by investing dollars and not by investing time. Now, don’t start making faces that who has the money anyway. I know that and I am writing this to solve that problem.

After the success of Uber, AirBnB and many other ideas best products, I always thought, what next? I got the answer today. Sharesies is New Zealand based company and it was launched recently only. They felicitate normal people like you and me to invest in shares and stock without having any knowledge of how stock market works. And the best part is, you can invest with even with $5.

This was almost unheard off before Sharesies came into picture. I remember going to one of the seminars about stock investment. It was a good seminar but at the end the speaker asked, now let us know how much money you have kept aside to invest and hence grow your money. And that question was the end of my interest in stocks and shares. Here, in Sharesies, you can just create an account, go through their list of shares, pick up that you want to and invest $5 or more.

They even have even categorized the shares as high risk, medium risk and low risk in order to make share selection job easier. And they are many more details about each of the share.

Now it is up to you to develop that habit of religiously save a part of your income on a weekly basis and keep investing in stock market. Who knows, you may become financially free in two to three years.

Click here to Join Sharesies today.

You will always remember this day when you took first step to invest in shares NZ.