How to find a dropshippers for online stores

Have you ever thought of this business model of creating an online store, buy stuffs at a wholesale price, sell at retail price and pocket the profit? It sounds quite attractive. But the problem remains in finding legitimate and reliable dropshippers for online stores.

What is dropshipping?

I am assuming that you know what dropshipping is. In case you are not aware the process goes like this. Dropshipper sends the goods that you have sold to your customers directly from their warehouse. So you sell the goods but you don’t need to maintain any inventory in your office. Your job is only to sell either online or otherwise.

Dropshippers for online stores

Case Study:

I will describe this whole strategy with a case study. Being an electronics engineer by profession, obviously I wanted to make my online store around consumer electronics items. I selected electronic security goods specializing in CCTV related items. First I published a blog which had information about IP cameras, network video recorders etc. I continued posting about various scenarios that I came across while installing these gadgets. Once my blog became popular, I decided to turn it into an online store. You may like to click here to have a look at my blog.

That time I was not aware of the concept of dropshipping. So I purchased cameras and network video recorders from a seller on Aliexpress who had more than 150 five star reviews. I was shocked when the goods arrived. They were all bad quality cameras and of course I decided not to sell from my online store and got rid of them by selling on ebay as dummy cameras. I am not sure whether on sites like Aliexpress, these reviews are fake or real.

Then I came across a friend who explained to me the concept of dropshipping. I liked the idea as you don’t need to maintain inventory of goods and hence you are able to maintain good cash flow within your business. But again, what is the guarantee that these dropshippers will deal in quality stuffs? Because online stores are all about reputation. Once you loose a customer on account of bad quality, the news spreads like wild fire. That was the time when I became a bit worried about finding legitimate dropshippers for online stores.

I found list of dropshippers for online stores accidentally

I was browsing through the web one day and the word dropshipping caught my attention in an article. And guess what ! it was discussing about various options available to find the right legitimate dropshippers for online store. One of the sources was SaleHoo. SaleHoo is a huge directory of dropshippers & wholesalers and it has many research tools to find the best best dropshipper to suit your business.

I got the most reliable dropshipper for my blog. Their products are of good quality and their shipping process is super quick.

So, do you want to setup a profitable online store without keeping an inventory of thousands of items? Try SaleHoo now and take your business to the next level.

dropshippers for online store