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There are many people who are putting effort in blogging for money. Unfortunately they are unaware what types of blogs that make money. Most of them select their favorite niche and start posting as and when ideas come. Also, they are often misled by gurus that you should develop an habit of writing at least one article every day. That is, they emphasize on the number of articles.

Well, I agree that one should write regularly but the emphasis should be on quality and strategy rather than quantity. Instead of writing every day, write once a week and add more value to your blog by making a proper strategy. And I am going to discuss the strategy which is very essential to follow if your aim is blogging for money. You will find many articles where they write about how to generate traffic and monetize your blog but I have written this article with a difference perspective. Hence, you read the whole article up to the end and follow the concept step by step.

blogging for money

Type of blogs

Before you start your blog, decide the purpose of your blog. There are many reasons bloggers create blogs and every type of blogs needs to follow a different strategy.

  1. Blog to support your product or business. You have a business and you want to inform your audience about your business or product.
  2. You want to create a blog for making money and that way your blog itself is your business. i.e. blogging for money.
  3. Blog creation to express your experiences and ideas.

Now all these type of blogs demand a different strategy. We will focus only on the second type of blog in this post. So let us start.

types of blogs that make money
blogging money making

We will follow the following strategy to make money blogging

  1. Select the niche you are interested in.
  2. Find out a few sub niches for your main niche. Let us take my blog that you are reading now as an example. My main niche for this blog is “Earn money online”. I have many sub niches like earn money online with affiliate marketing, basics of internet marketing, email marketing, how to generate free traffic etc.
  3. I have written a main post about “Earn money online” and the made many posts regarding my various sub niches. Then these posts on sub niches are interlinked strategically. Like my post about email marketing will have link to the post where I have discussed how to generate free traffic. This type of cross linking will tell the google that you have authority in your main niche.
  4. So, you need to select your next post after doing research on your sub niche and write about that topic. Work within the strategy instead of writing whatever comes to your mind.
  5. That is why I wrote in the beginning that instead of writing every day, do research for 2-3 days, and then write the post on a topic that is the result of your research. Ant the most important point is to write informative, interesting and useful quality content. So take your time in completing your post. Ask your friends to proof read your post. Ask for their suggestions.
  6. Once you do this on a regular basis, your blog will start getting organic traffic.
  7. Build up your presence on various social media platform by joining groups related to your niche. Be interactive in the groups by helping others and solving group member’s problems through your expertise in the niche.
  8. Do not ever do self promotion in these groups. Just be proactive in a positive way. Spamming in these groups is always suicidal. Share your blog content in a very normal way.

Monetizing your blog

After you have made the content generation strategy, time has come to plan your blog monetizing strategy. Unless you follow this plan, your dream of blogging for money may only remain a dream. There are many ways bloggers monetize their blogs. Following are the three main ways to monetize.

  1. Google Adsence: Google pays you if Ads placed by google is clicked. Problem with Google Adsence is that it pays so less in normal niches that it is hardly sufficient to even cover the hosting charges of the blog. (Unless you are in very costly keyword niche like insurance, loans etc.)
  2. Affiliate Marketing: This one is my favorite. You get commission if the product owner’s product is sold through your website. You may join a few of the many sites which allow affiliate marketing for their products. A few of these sites are Commission Junction, Click Bank, JVZoo, ShareaSale etc. Which platform is best for you depends on your niche. I normally like to promote the products which are recurring in nature. You sell it once and keep getting commission month after month as long as the buyer keeps paying. Although, you select the right affiliate offer based on your niche, yet there are a few platform which are good enough for any niche and I recommend these platforms to every one as they are recurring in nature.
    1. : This is good for all niches because it is an online course program and their range of course is very wide. They cover niches like weight loss, health supplements, internet marketing, various types of sports like golf etc.
    2. : Although it sounds as if this platform is valid for internet marketing niche, but think about it, who doesn’t require email marketing. Online business is not sustainable if you are not always in touch with your audience and email marketing helps you achieves that.
  3. Selling contextual ads on your website. I like it because of its recurring nature. There are many platforms available on which you can sell contextual ads on your website but my favorite is It is easier to join and they provide complete automation so that you do not have to manually insert ads on your pages. Once, they sell an ad for your blog, they insert the ad automatically using a plugin on WordPress sites.

Finally do not forget to implement what you learnt from this post because:

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