One Lead And Multiple Passive Income Streams

“There’s no point in getting into affiliate marketing if you can’t monetize it, and you can’t drive traffic and sales. You’d just be spinning your wheels.” – Neil Patel

Affiliate marketing may be a very lucrative online business but in addition to your expertise & perseverance, the success of this model of a business hugely depends on the product that you are promoting. You need to select the right product to succeed especially if you are a beginner.

There are thousands of info digital products available to promote where you get a decent percentage of commission on the sale. But unfortunately, there are very limited offers that offer you multiple passive income streams. That is why most beginners fail within the first month after they so enthusiastically start their first online business. Because it takes so much effort to drive traffic to their blog or landing page or whatever way they are promoting their offer that the time consumed and efforts that you put doesn’t justify the outcome.

Last month, I started promoting MOS (My Online StartUp) and I found it a bit different than most of the info products available in the market. It is different because you don’t sell anything. You just offer a free digital marketing course to your audience. And it is a very comprehensive course That covers all aspects of digital marketing. It teaches you the concepts of social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting etc. and explains how to implement these strategies. Your audience will be more than happy to receive this course for free.

Now, the point is how you earn money by giving this free course. You earn money when any of these people you gave this free course accept something known as “Partnership Program”. Get a commission of $100 per person who opts for “Partnership Program”. You must be thinking so what is different about this program? Almost all the affiliate networks work like that. No, it is not because there is a catch. Instead of a one-time commission of $100, you get a commission for every tool that this person starts using. You get a monthly commission when he joins email marketing platform like GetResponse and many more useful tools. So, once you get your first $100 commission, you keep getting Multiple Passive Income Streams without putting any effort.

Many of the members are easily earning thousands of dollars every month as a passive income.

Multiple Passive Income Streams

Don’t you think these kinds of affiliate networks are very rare in this world of Online Businesses?

Do you already know about email marketing? If Yes, you must be knowing that people give bait by giving something free to build their contact list. Even if you don’t opt for its “Partnership Program”, this free course will be a great asset to build your list. You are not spending any money but giving away this free course to build your list. All super affiliate marketers like Neil Patel, Mark Ling etc. say that money is in the list. You can use “My Online StartUp” to build your contact list and then you may promote anything you want to your list.

You may join “My Online StartUp” now if I have convinced you by giving the advantages of this great offer.

So, Now it is action time. Click Here to join “My Online StartUp” and change your life forever.

In other offers, one lead generates one commission but in “My Online StartUp” one lead opens the flood gate of Multiple Passive Income Streams.

10 Best Ways To Get FREE TRAFFIC

Cost of getting free traffic has gone up by 5 times in the last 10 years. Hence, the importance of getting free traffic is gaining momentum. But it is easier said than done. I assure you, it is still possible to get tons of free traffic if you make a proper strategy and work regularly on that. Here in this post, I am going to give you 10 sources for getting free traffic. It works for me and it will work for you if you do it the right way.

Before I go further in explaining about these 10 free traffic sources, I repeat that I always emphasize that getting traffic will yield positive results only if you have made valuable, useful, interesting and informative content. There is no point in getting 1 million hits on your website with a 95% bounce rate. If the content is junk, you are only wasting your time and money by putting all the efforts to get free or paid traffic.

So assuming that you have great content, let us move to find great resources of getting free traffic.

  1. Quora: This one is at the top of my list and is my favourite. Quora is a more powerful version of Yahoo Answer. Here you can ask questions and give answers to questions that people ask. Quora boosts to have an Alexa ranking of 91 with an impressive 300 million users per month. All its content appear in google searches so be a bit careful while asking a question or replying a question. Write the way you create your blog posts. Plan your SEO and keyword strategy before you write. Sign up for it, select your interest (basically your niches) and write a powerfully attractive profile message where you can mention the hyperlink of your blogs or websites. Be regular in replying to the questions. Do not just give a link to your website saying that you will get your answer on this website. Give a detailed useful reply keeping associated keywords in the reply and either using hyperlink of your blog in the answer or giving the link in the foot note. Remember Other users judge your answers by “Upvotes”. The more upvotes you get, the more popular your answer will be. In the last 30 days, I must have spent about 1 to 2 hours on Quora and following are the stats of my “answer views”. It’s quite good. Even if only 25% of the readers clicked on my links, I got about 700 laser targeted free traffic from Quora alone. If I place an ad on google-adword for this, it will cost me approx USD 2100.
get Free Traffic

2. Issuu: has a global rank of 1,462 and gets about 45 million visits per month. Sign up for Issuu and start sharing your contents. Here you share your content by uploading documents. You can insert hyperlinks in your documents. Issuu also has a feature to share your documents with many social media platforms.

3. This great website has an Alexa rank of 36,734 and gets about 2.5 million visits every month. Sign up for this site and start making your hub pages on the topics covering your niche. It is a kind of blogging site and its pages also appear on google searches. Interesting point about this site is that they share Google Adsense and Amazon sales from the website with the users. So in addition to getting free traffic from this site you earn a reasonable income also.

4. When ever somebody starts a blog, I always recommend that before you start posting on your own blog, start writing on other high authority platforms like or If you write valuable content on these sites, you become popular and people become curious about you, giving you an edge over your fellow bloggers in your niche. As a result, people’s curiosity leads them to your website. has an Alexa ranking of 20,957 and gets about 3.1 million visits every month. Just Sign up and start posting your contents. For every upvote, share etc. on your article, you earn tokens which you may use to boost your content to get more traffic.

5. What I love about this platform is its simplicity. Just sign up and start submitting your story where it allows you to insert your link also. So simple to do to boost traffic to your blog. Its global rank is 528,261.

6. This platform is very similar to and has a global ranking of 18,346 and gets about 4.1 million visits every month.

7. Ibotoolbox: You can use this website to generate free traffic in many ways. You can post from time to time. You can create your own press release and many more things. this is also a great place to enhance your network with like-minded people. This site gives you points for doing various small things and you can use these points to create your ad to further boost your traffic. Just Sign up and start getting laser targeted traffic almost instantly. Ibotoolbox has a global ranking of 301,292 and gets about 118.18K visitors every month.

9. This one is a content curation site and very easy to use. And you don’t even have to write a post or a story here. Just enter your link, add some tags and submit. All is done within a few minutes. It boosts a global rank of 6,957 and attracts whopping 12.20 million visitors every month.

10. has a global ranking of 1461 and attracts 40.78 million visitors every month. Very simple to use. Submit your link and add a few tags and your job is done.

My final words: Avoid sending these traffic directly to your website. Send it to a landing page wherever possible, capture email and then forward it to your blog or website. It will be very useful in the long run. You can opt for an auto-responder below which is free for 30 days.

Get-Response email marketing (Free 30 days Trial)

So this is a list of my favourite 10 platforms which you can use to generate lots of free traffic for your blog. I will end up this post with a suggestion. Use all these platforms responsibly to get the best out of them. Be a part of these communities. Be helpful to others. Do not just do lots of self-promotion and spamming groups. Instead, interact with the members fruitfully for the best result.

Being a Super Affiliate

“Learn from your own experience, not others. ”

-Super affiliate Zac Johnson

What makes a super affiliate?

Super affiliate marketers are the people who control (nearly) the market without having their own products. These people are not only marketing geniuses but they also know what sells in the market and what doesn’t. But what made me write about super affiliate marketers today? Because early in the morning I read an interview of super affiliate Zac Johnson who said that learn from your own experience, not others. Thankfully, I learnt from my mistakes and thought of sharing it with my readers.

I have been involved with internet marketing for quite some time now and I have had my share of success and failures. I have always celebrated my success and learnt from my failures. The best thing I have learnt is that there is no point in wasting time on the internet for moderate success. Jobs in the internet are too competitive. It is better to find these jobs offline and demand more remuneration rather than competing with a thousand others for a penny. Just imagine, many people are ready to write a 500 hundred words article in $5 on Fiverr !. In non-internet based conventional market, people are being paid hundreds of dollars for this kind of writing jobs. Is it really worth spending your precious time, sitting in front of the computer for earning pennies?

Super affiliate

What Is The Solution?

So, if you are trying to earn money online, think big and aim high. If you are not able to do that, simply quit and earn money by picking up a traditional job. That will be more profitable and meaningful. But if you are bent upon making an online business work for you, learn the game first and build a real business instead of doing silly jobs for a few dollars here and there.

Fortunately, it is your lucky day that you landed on this page because John Crestani is giving free video marketing training to help you start your own business. It is a sort of business in a box.

Watch this short introductory video below to understand his point of view about aiming high in internet based business.

Let Us Act Now

I don’t know whether I have been able to change your views on internet based online business by this blog post, but I am sure, if I do not make it big by the end of the current year, I will quit and pick a conventional job that most of the people are doing. But I will give this last push before I call it a day. And therefore, I am sure, I will be able to transform my life for better with my last attempt.

Do you want to join me in this quest to make it big and make 2019 a memorable year that we will always remember for years to come?

If your answer is “Yes”, Click here to attend John Crestani ‘s free video training course.

Before I say goodbye, I would like to remind you of a dialogue from the film “The Matrix”. He says you have a choice, either pick the red pill and go back to sleep and get up tomorrow morning with whatever belief you want to live with. Or else take the blue pill and remain in this wonderland where there are many rabbit holes to explore further. These are not the exact words that were spoken but it was something very similar to this. So, Here also, the choice is yours, take action and change your life forever or else go back to sleep and wake the next morning by clock alarm and rush to the job that you hate.

Make the final choice now.

Videze Commercial Software Review

Videze commercialAfter struggling in internet marketing industry for more than 5 years, what finally worked for me was the combination of YouTube and email marketing. I created videos in my niche and inserted my landing page link in the description of the video. This worked quite well for me. Problem was, how to keep making professional looking videos quickly and regularly. I am not great in making videos. Actually, I become a bit nervous when I face the camera. My problem got solved when I got a review copy of Videze Commercial software. It is an amazing product where you can make high quality animated videos in minutes. Just imagine, making 4-5 videos in a day instead of 4-5 videos in a month? Videze Commercial Software is a game changer and has taken my internet marketing business to the next level. I very strongly recommend this software if you are really serious about your Online success.

Click here to check Videze Commercial yourself.

So far, YouTube has proven to be the best source of organic free traffic for my online business.  Making great looking videos on a regular basis was my only problem which got solved with this great product Videze Commercial.

Don’t delay and grab it now here.