How to find a dropshippers for online stores

Have you ever thought of this business model of creating an online store, buy stuffs at a wholesale price, sell at retail price and pocket the profit? It sounds quite attractive. But the problem remains in finding legitimate and reliable dropshippers for online stores.

What is dropshipping?

I am assuming that you know what dropshipping is. In case you are not aware the process goes like this. Dropshipper sends the goods that you have sold to your customers directly from their warehouse. So you sell the goods but you don’t need to maintain any inventory in your office. Your job is only to sell either online or otherwise.

Dropshippers for online stores

Case Study:

I will describe this whole strategy with a case study. Being an electronics engineer by profession, obviously I wanted to make my online store around consumer electronics items. I selected electronic security goods specializing in CCTV related items. First I published a blog which had information about IP cameras, network video recorders etc. I continued posting about various scenarios that I came across while installing these gadgets. Once my blog became popular, I decided to turn it into an online store. You may like to click here to have a look at my blog.

That time I was not aware of the concept of dropshipping. So I purchased cameras and network video recorders from a seller on Aliexpress who had more than 150 five star reviews. I was shocked when the goods arrived. They were all bad quality cameras and of course I decided not to sell from my online store and got rid of them by selling on ebay as dummy cameras. I am not sure whether on sites like Aliexpress, these reviews are fake or real.

Then I came across a friend who explained to me the concept of dropshipping. I liked the idea as you don’t need to maintain inventory of goods and hence you are able to maintain good cash flow within your business. But again, what is the guarantee that these dropshippers will deal in quality stuffs? Because online stores are all about reputation. Once you loose a customer on account of bad quality, the news spreads like wild fire. That was the time when I became a bit worried about finding legitimate dropshippers for online stores.

I found list of dropshippers for online stores accidentally

I was browsing through the web one day and the word dropshipping caught my attention in an article. And guess what ! it was discussing about various options available to find the right legitimate dropshippers for online store. One of the sources was SaleHoo. SaleHoo is a huge directory of dropshippers & wholesalers and it has many research tools to find the best best dropshipper to suit your business.

I got the most reliable dropshipper for my blog. Their products are of good quality and their shipping process is super quick.

So, do you want to setup a profitable online store without keeping an inventory of thousands of items? Try SaleHoo now and take your business to the next level.

dropshippers for online store

Use these Three SEO tools for Free to improve your google page rank

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. –-Wendy Piersall

These three SEO tools for free will help you take your blog to the next level. Read up to the end as the third one will blow your mind.

Let us accept it. Google not only dominates but controls the web. these three SEO tools for free will bring more free quality traffic to your site. One may talk about paid traffic but organic traffic is the one which gets you the best quality leads. You consider your own browser habit. Don’t you have tendency to ignore the Ads and click the normal search results when you search for a term in google? My point here is that you just can’t ignore organic traffic and hence you can’t ignore a correct SEO strategy for your blog or site.

Last month I implemented 2 of the ideas as suggested by google and the result was mind boggling. It surpassed all my expectations. That’s when I decided to write about my top three free SEO tools. By the way, these strategies are my own experience and are not something bookish that I interpreted from a few reports.

Also, I was inspired by SEO super star Neil Patel when I saw that his site appears on the first page of Google if you search the term “SEO”.

First in my Free SEO tools list is:

1. Yoast:

There are thousands of SEO tools available on the web. What makes Yoast different is that they change very fast with respect to changes in Google’s algorithm. They have very smartly incorporated the readability score of your article in addition to usual keyword placements, meta description etc. It didn’t stop here. In one of their updates, they started pin pointing where you need to make change. I will give an example of that.

Below is the screen shot of one of my post that I was writing.

seo tools for free

They have very clearly created 2 separate sections for readability and keywords. Under readability, a list of problems and improvements is provided point by point. If you click the point under improvement where it says where I can make improvement by reducing a few passive voice sentences, I get the following result:

Free SEO tools

It has not only recommended that I should reduce the number of passive voice sentences but it exactly pointed out which sentence needs to be changed.

I use it for my WordPress sites where it is available as a plugin. Instead of going into all its features, I will recommend you use this plugin and explore all its features. Although, Yoast plugin has a paid version with many other great features, I am still using free version which suffices my current needs.

2. Google’s PageSpeed Tool

If our aim is to satisfy Google, why not use the tools suggested by Google itself. Today, Search engine optimization is not only about keywords but about speed also, not only for computers but for mobile devices as well. And google not only recommends where the site needs to be optimized but it also points out how to do it.

Click Here to check your website loading speed and Google’s recommendations.

When you analyze your site, google will generate your speed score which will determine the speed at which your site loads. Google will also recommend what portions of your site needs optimization in order to improve your speed score like image optimization, eliminate render-blocking java scripts and CSS etc. (Don’t worry if you are not familiar with these terms because I have a solution to fix all this without knowing about them). By the way, Following is speed score of my site before and after I optimized the site by following these steps:

Google Page Speed Insights

If you are using WordPress, all these problems can be fixed by free Plugins.

So, I suggest you to download and activate the following plugins.

a) Plugin AMP by VIP, XWP, Google, and other contributors. This plugin optimizes your website for mobiles. You should not have any doubts about this plugin as it is jointly developed by giants like Google, WordPress and others.

Click on Settings after activating the plugin, check all the boxes as below and save it. Its all done.

Ampb) Next plugin in this list is Autoptimize. Add it and activate it. When you click on setting, you will find three tabs, Main, Extra and Optimize more.

select each one of them and copy my settings as below.

autoptimizeAutoptimizec) Next very important plugin is to optimize your images and the plugin’s name is ShortPixel Image Optimizer. add this plugin, activate it. There are a few extra steps to configure this plugin.

First you need to create an account in ShortPixel by clicking here.

Login and copy the API key as below.

shortpixelClick on settings and the plugin will ask for the API Key. Copy it as shown above and paste it on the setting page as below.

ShortPixelSelect compression type as “Lossy” copy all the settings as I have done below under general setting.


Click on “Save and Go to Bulk process.

It will take a few minutes for ShortPixel to optimize all your images.

Next, click on Advance tab and copy all the settings as below.


d) Next plugin is important only if you embed lots of YouTube videos like I do. If you don’t embed videos in your blog, you may ignore this plugin. The plugin is WP YouTube Lyte. Add it and activate it. This plugin also uses YouTube API Key which you will need to enter before you can use this plugin. The plugin itself provides a link to take you to YouTube API key page. Once you have done that, Go to settings and copy the settings as shown below.

WP YouTube LyteCongratulations, you have just optimized your site as google wants.

3. Does your site use secured version of Http?

Do this simple exercise to rank your pages higher in google search. Not only that, if you don’t do it now, in near future all your above mentioned strategies will be flat on ground. And that is to convert your http sites to its secure version https (having SSL certificate). It is free and very easy to do. Login to your control panel of your hosting account. Somewhere, you will find a section which is related to security, there on wards it should be self explanatory. You may ask for help from your hosting companies help desk if you get stuck. I am not going in detail here as every hosting company’s control panel is different. But point is your site should be rather than

Below is the screen shot of my control panel where https (SSL) certification is obtained.

SSL certificateConclusion:

Gone are the days when SEO was a one time job. You simply hired an SEO expert, asked him to optimize your site, pay him and once for all job is done. Now, SEO is an ongoing process. Any new post or an image can spoil over all search engine optimization. But the good news is, google, WordPress and other players have brought lots of automation to make our job easier. It is question of what data to look for and where to look for. Reason for this post was to compile these data and present it in step by step fashion so that the site owners like me, are able to do SEO by themselves in an effective way.

Best way to monetize a blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog or website. But the best way to monetize a blog is by contextual ads.

I have described the whole process below.

Advertisers select your website and ask you to insert their links at a desired part of your website. It might be within your post or in the side bar or any where. Once you do that they pay you monthly for keeping that link on your page.

There are many platforms available for doing that. But my favorite one is Magenet where the whole process is automated. Magenet has created a plugin for WordPress and Blogger platforms and once you install their plugin, the advertiser’s link is automatically placed on your blog and you start getting your monthly payments via PayPal.

So, once you have added all your blogs and websites, you don’t have to do any work. It is that simple.

Other than Magenet, there are a few good ones like LinksManagement and Adsy. I prefer to monetize my blogs by all these three platforms.

All these work almost in a similar way.

Hope this information is useful and will help you find the best way to monetize a blog.


Being a Super Affiliate

“Learn from your own experience, not others. ”

-Super affiliate Zac Johnson

What makes a super affiliate?

Super affiliate marketers are the people who control (nearly) the market without having their own products. These people are not only marketing geniuses but they also know what sells in the market and what doesn’t. But what made me write about super affiliate marketers today? Because early in the morning I read an interview of super affiliate Zac Johnson who said that learn from your own experience, not others. Thankfully, I learnt from my mistakes and thought of sharing it with my readers.

I have been involved with internet marketing for quite some time now and I have had my share of success and failures. I have always celebrated my success and learnt from my failures. The best thing I have learnt is that there is no point in wasting time on the internet for moderate success. Jobs in the internet are too competitive. It is better to find these jobs offline and demand more remuneration rather than competing with a thousand others for a penny. Just imagine, many people are ready to write a 500 hundred words article in $5 on Fiverr !. In non-internet based conventional market, people are being paid hundreds of dollars for this kind of writing jobs. Is it really worth spending your precious time, sitting in front of the computer for earning pennies?

Super affiliate

What Is The Solution?

So, if you are trying to earn money online, think big and aim high. If you are not able to do that, simply quit and earn money by picking up a traditional job. That will be more profitable and meaningful. But if you are bent upon making an online business work for you, learn the game first and build a real business instead of doing silly jobs for a few dollars here and there.

Fortunately, it is your lucky day that you landed on this page because John Crestani is giving free video marketing training to help you start your own business. It is a sort of business in a box.

Watch this short introductory video below to understand his point of view about aiming high in internet based business.

Let Us Act Now

I don’t know whether I have been able to change your views on internet based online business by this blog post, but I am sure, if I do not make it big by the end of the current year, I will quit and pick a conventional job that most of the people are doing. But I will give this last push before I call it a day. And therefore, I am sure, I will be able to transform my life for better with my last attempt.

Do you want to join me in this quest to make it big and make 2019 a memorable year that we will always remember for years to come?

If your answer is “Yes”, Click here to attend John Crestani ‘s free video training course.

Before I say goodbye, I would like to remind you of a dialogue from the film “The Matrix”. He says you have a choice, either pick the red pill and go back to sleep and get up tomorrow morning with whatever belief you want to live with. Or else take the blue pill and remain in this wonderland where there are many rabbit holes to explore further. These are not the exact words that were spoken but it was something very similar to this. So, Here also, the choice is yours, take action and change your life forever or else go back to sleep and wake the next morning by clock alarm and rush to the job that you hate.

Make the final choice now.

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