Zen and the art of email marketing (Examples of email marketing)

Many times I have written or spoken about the advantages of list building and email marketing. Most of the aspiring digital marketers are still unaware of the fact that none of the digital marketing models is sustainable without a proper list building strategies. This post will clarify facts about various email marketing strategies by giving examples of email marketing. They (like I used to) think that let me earn some money before I invest in email marketing strategy. Others believe email marketing is merely collecting subscribers and emailing them your offers. This notion is not correct. Email marketing is a complete business automation. Hence, It is one of the best strategies to generate passive income.

So, to prove my claim of passive income, let me show you a few email marketing statistics.

Before I give you the figures, let me clarify a few terminologies related to digital/email marketing.

  1. The total number of subscribers: This is the very obvious one that denotes your number of contacts in your list.
  2. Email open rate: How many of your subscribers that actually open the email that you sent to them.
  3. Click through rate: Out of all the people who opened your email, how many clicked on the link mentioned in the email.
  4. Conversion rate: How many people who clicked the link, actually completed the purchase.

Now, let us assume, you have a contact list of 10000 subscribers. Industry’s average email open rate is 20%.

So, for a list of 10000 subscribers, 2000 subscribers open your email.

Average, click-through rate in the industry is 4%. So, out of 2000 subscribers that opened the email, 80 subscribers clicked your link.

Conversion rate averages about 2%, so with the following formula, you will have Number of sales per email will be = 2X80/100=1.6 sales

Conversion Rate (%) = Number of sales / Click through rate X 100

If your profit on each sale is approximately $40, you make about $40X1.6=$64 per email and in case you email your list every 2 days, you approximately make $960 per month.

Here, I would like to give you a word of caution, all these email marketing related statistics depends upon the quality of your list, your product that you are trying to sell and the format and the content of your list. Today I wrote this post to give an example of email marketing. But first, watch the video below to know why I named this blog post “Zen and the art of email marketing”.

Is Email Marketing Dead

Whether email marketing is dead or not, depends upon how you look at it. If you have somehow built a contact list and have started bombarding promotional emails on your list like spam, well, after a few weeks only you will come to know that it is not working. And you will immediately declare it dead. However, if you are building a relationship with your contacts by sharing useful information, you will find email marketing the most laser-targeted marketing tool.

examples of email marketing

An Overview of Email Marketing:


How Do Email Marketing Campaigns work?

I made a short video to explain how exactly I use GetResponse. I won’t say it is very easy but I would emphasize that it worth all the hard work. Watch the video below where I have made one full campaign on GetResponse platform and at the end, I am sure you will be convinced that it is such a powerful tool to have if you want to build a sustainable online business. I believe in showing how things work rather than explaining them and I have achieved that by giving examples of email marketing.

I use GetResponse and I find it very useful. However, these steps are very similar for all other platforms. If you join GetResponse now, they are giving one month of free subscription for you to try. You don’t even have to give your credit card details. I personally feel it is a very lucrative offer for you to try and develop your first email marketing strategy.

Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome?

I am asking this question because, unfortunately, today the market is full of such shiny products. Heaps of people are selling info-products claiming tall claims what is just not possible? You get convinced because you are unaware of the basics of digital marketing concepts. I would like to convince you by citing an example.

In 1800s New Zealand went through gold rush madness. Gold was detected in a few rivers here and there. Thousands of people rushed to various locations exploring for gold. These were the people who got struck by shiny object syndrome. They lived their life with wishful thinking and unfortunately, the world doesn’t move through wishful thinking.

Now, coming to the more interesting set of people. During the gold rush, a group of people anticipated the tools required for gold exploration and they started manufacturing shovels and pans. These were the people who became millionaires during the gold rush era. That shows the difference between the people who are opportunity seekers and opportunity makers.

Moral of the story is that try to be opportunity maker and not opportunity seeker. And you can achieve that understanding and implementing the basics of digital marketing and not buying products that claim that buy this, click a push button and make money. Believe me, nothing like that exists. If you want your part of the pie in the world of digital marketing, take action now. Start your first email marketing campaign for your product or service and then start driving traffic to your landing page. Hence, this will not only make you, your first online dollar but will help you generate passive income for the rest of your life. And I will help you achieve that by giving examples of email marketing concepts.

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Being a Super Affiliate

“Learn from your own experience, not others. ”

-Super affiliate Zac Johnson

What makes a super affiliate?

Super affiliate marketers are the people who control (nearly) the market without having their own products. These people are not only marketing geniuses but they also know what sells in the market and what doesn’t. But what made me write about super affiliate marketers today? Because early in the morning I read an interview of super affiliate Zac Johnson who said that learn from your own experience, not others. Thankfully, I learnt from my mistakes and thought of sharing it with my readers.

I have been involved with internet marketing for quite some time now and I have had my share of success and failures. I have always celebrated my success and learnt from my failures. The best thing I have learnt is that there is no point in wasting time on the internet for moderate success. Jobs in the internet are too competitive. It is better to find these jobs offline and demand more remuneration rather than competing with a thousand others for a penny. Just imagine, many people are ready to write a 500 hundred words article in $5 on Fiverr !. In non-internet based conventional market, people are being paid hundreds of dollars for this kind of writing jobs. Is it really worth spending your precious time, sitting in front of the computer for earning pennies?

Super affiliate

What Is The Solution?

So, if you are trying to earn money online, think big and aim high. If you are not able to do that, simply quit and earn money by picking up a traditional job. That will be more profitable and meaningful. But if you are bent upon making an online business work for you, learn the game first and build a real business instead of doing silly jobs for a few dollars here and there.

Fortunately, it is your lucky day that you landed on this page because John Crestani is giving free video marketing training to help you start your own business. It is a sort of business in a box.

Watch this short introductory video below to understand his point of view about aiming high in internet based business.

Let Us Act Now

I don’t know whether I have been able to change your views on internet based online business by this blog post, but I am sure, if I do not make it big by the end of the current year, I will quit and pick a conventional job that most of the people are doing. But I will give this last push before I call it a day. And therefore, I am sure, I will be able to transform my life for better with my last attempt.

Do you want to join me in this quest to make it big and make 2019 a memorable year that we will always remember for years to come?

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Before I say goodbye, I would like to remind you of a dialogue from the film “The Matrix”. He says you have a choice, either pick the red pill and go back to sleep and get up tomorrow morning with whatever belief you want to live with. Or else take the blue pill and remain in this wonderland where there are many rabbit holes to explore further. These are not the exact words that were spoken but it was something very similar to this. So, Here also, the choice is yours, take action and change your life forever or else go back to sleep and wake the next morning by clock alarm and rush to the job that you hate.

Make the final choice now.