One Lead And Multiple Passive Income Streams

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“There’s no point in getting into affiliate marketing if you can’t monetize it, and you can’t drive traffic and sales. You’d just be spinning your wheels.” – Neil Patel

Affiliate marketing may be a very lucrative online business but in addition to your expertise & perseverance, the success of this model of a business hugely depends on the product that you are promoting. You need to select the right product to succeed especially if you are a beginner.

There are thousands of info digital products available to promote where you get a decent percentage of commission on the sale. But unfortunately, there are very limited offers that offer you multiple passive income streams. That is why most beginners fail within the first month after they so enthusiastically start their first online business. Because it takes so much effort to drive traffic to their blog or landing page or whatever way they are promoting their offer that the time consumed and efforts that you put doesn’t justify the outcome.

Last month, I started promoting MOS (My Online StartUp) and I found it a bit different than most of the info products available in the market. It is different because you don’t sell anything. You just offer a free digital marketing course to your audience. And it is a very comprehensive course That covers all aspects of digital marketing. It teaches you the concepts of social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting etc. and explains how to implement these strategies. Your audience will be more than happy to receive this course for free.

Now, the point is how you earn money by giving this free course. You earn money when any of these people you gave this free course accept something known as “Partnership Program”. Get a commission of $100 per person who opts for “Partnership Program”. You must be thinking so what is different about this program? Almost all the affiliate networks work like that. No, it is not because there is a catch. Instead of a one-time commission of $100, you get a commission for every tool that this person starts using. You get a monthly commission when he joins email marketing platform like GetResponse and many more useful tools. So, once you get your first $100 commission, you keep getting Multiple Passive Income Streams without putting any effort.

Many of the members are easily earning thousands of dollars every month as a passive income.

Multiple Passive Income Streams

Don’t you think these kinds of affiliate networks are very rare in this world of Online Businesses?

Do you already know about email marketing? If Yes, you must be knowing that people give bait by giving something free to build their contact list. Even if you don’t opt for its “Partnership Program”, this free course will be a great asset to build your list. You are not spending any money but giving away this free course to build your list. All super affiliate marketers like Neil Patel, Mark Ling etc. say that money is in the list. You can use “My Online StartUp” to build your contact list and then you may promote anything you want to your list.

In other offers, one lead generates one commission but in “My Online StartUp” one lead opens the flood gate of Multiple Passive Income Streams.