My Online Startup: Latest 2020 Launch

My Online Startup or MOS is a free affiliate marketing or digital marketing training program. You can join it free and learn about digital marketing to make your strategies for your e-commerce stores or your blogs. It is free to use and it has really helped me increase traffic to many of my blogs.

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But this is only one part of it. You may become a founding partner and then it helps you generate multiple streams of income via its affiliations. And that is where this membership program differs from other similar programs.

In many such training programs, the program pays you commission for referring members. But is only one program that helps you generate multiple streams of income.

Let us find how it is done. First, you anyway earn money if somebody joins “My Online Startup” with your affiliate link. But further, when these members join buy other tools like email marketing portals like GetResponse and many more, you earn commission on that too. Good thing is that many of these commissions are recurring commissions on a monthly basis.

My Online Startup

Many of its members are already earning 6 figures income. I do not recommend any information product without using it myself. So here is somebody who is recommending a product after using it. Yes, I am a founding partner of “My Online Startup” and have already started living my laptop lifestyle life.

I became its member accidentally. Actually, I was looking for some digital marketing resources on the web to promote my e-commerce store, where I sell digital security cameras. I came across this free digital marketing training course. I went through it and found it very to-the-point that gives you very easy to follow instructions. It was excellent training for a beginner like me. While going through the training, I saw this button “Partner”, and I clicked on it. And I was presented with a short video that sounded very interesting. It talked about creating multiple income streams via affiliate marketing. It was so convincing that I opted for its membership. And “Bang….” It really has now opened an abundance of income via affiliate marketing!

This is a unique program where you earn to learn. Normally, it is the way round. You need to educate or train yourself to start earning. Here, you start earning as you learn.

The only way to fail in this system is by not taking action now. Still not convinced? Become a free member now, go through the training and then decide whether you want to become a founding partner.

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