Get more YouTube subscribers for Free in 2020

In my last post, I discussed how you could get 1000 subscribers by using strategic tools like TubeBuddy. I hope that post was useful for you and you have started working on your YouTube channel. This post is about my little tricks and tweaks that I use to optimize my YouTube channel and get more YouTube subscribers for free.

Here are my top 10 tricks & tweaks to get more YouTube subscribers for Free:

  1. Title of your video: Your keyword should be right at the beginning of the title. Like for the present post, my focus keyword is “Get more YouTube subscribers for Free” so the title should start with that instead of adding “How to” etc. That works for the established players but not for newbies. Also, you must use either colon (:) or brackets in your title. Using “year” at the end of your also boosts your video. Like, your title may be “Meditation for peace in [2020].
  2. Tags of your video: Use very specific tags only and a broad tag specific to your niche should be at the end. YouTube decides the ranking of your video in your niche based on your tags. If your tags are precisely related to your video, YouTube will easily understand it and hence rank it. If a few of your tags are a bit confusing and unrelated, They will confuse YouTube, and thus your ranking will be affected. Instead of providing many irrelevant tags and confuse YouTube, give precise laser targeted tags related to your video and see how it makes a difference in the rank of your video.
  3. Thumbnail of your video: I don’t know why and how it works but it worked for me so I am sharing with you. Do not use thumbnail suggested by YouTube. Instead, upload your own thumbnail in which YouTube colours (Red, black and white) are not dominant. Your thumbnail should predominantly have green, blue or grey (as much as possible). Also, it should have 23 to 30 characters highlighting the subject or niche of your video. Below is the example of one of my thumbnail images for a video titled “Good morning Music”.
YouTube subscribers for free
  1. Description of your video: Video should have keyword-rich, 100-200 words description about your video. Obviously, you can insert necessary links also in the description.
  2. Length of your video: Exceptions do exist, but normally very short videos of about 2-3 minutes are easily outranked by longer videos. Ideally, your videos should be 8 to 15 minutes long.
  3. Rank in suggested videos: Out of all the tricks and tweaks mentioned above, this is my favourite one. When you are watching your favourite video, you must have noticed that YouTube recommends what you should watch next. I tried a trick so that YouTube selects my video to recommend after a very successful video. And guess what, it worked for me for at least 40% of the time. To achieve that, select any viral video whose contents and ideas are very similar to your video. Copy all his tags and insert in your video. It works most of the time.

Are you wondering how to copy tags as I suggested in point number 6? It is quite simple. Open that video from where you want to copy tags in Google Chrome.

Right-click anywhere on the screen (not on the video form).

Select “page source”.

Press Ctrl and F.

Find box will pop up, type “keywords”. Keep clicking the down or up arrows till you find the line where you can see the tags.

Copy and paste all the tags in notepad.

Insert all of them in your video.

Problem is all these tricks and tweaks are finer points of optimization. These points will work only if the basic strategies of your video are in place. And that you can achieve only by using the right tools like Tube Buddy.