Getresponse Review Vs Kartra Review

The title of this post is looking a bit weird. Isn’t it? Getresponse Review Vs Kartra Review! But there is a reason why I have chosen this title. If I write a review of one product and it is too good, that doesn’t mean that something better is not available. This fact made me compare one review vs another review. Does it not make any sense?

If You are in a hurry, here is the comparison in short for you to take the decision now:

GETRESPONSE: Auto-responder, landing pages, newsletter, auto-funnel, forms and surveys, data analytics with split testing, integration with e-commerce sites, Webinars.

The basic plan starts from $15 per month onwards which comprises a contact list up to 1000, 2 landing pages and all features. Also, they provide 30 days free trial period with no credit card required.

Click Here to join Getresponse.

KARTRA: Auto-responder, newsletter, landing pages, newsletter, auto-funnel, hosted website, membership sites and helpdesk. It is a complete solution for your online business and has the propensity to provide passive income because of membership sites.

The basic plan starts with $199 per month onwards which comprises a contact list up to 2500, 2 membership sites, 100 pages hosting, 1 custom domain and 20 products. They give 14 days trial for 1$m and give $240 discount if you pay annually.

Click Here to join Kartra.

Many a time I have written the importance of email marketing and list building for your any online business. Actually no online business is sustainable in the absence of email marketing. Problem is what to select out of all the options available to you. I reviewed all the options available and shortlisted the two of them that I like the most. And these two platforms are GetResponse and Kartra. I will jot down the features of each of them and then you decide what suits your business. Both are good but based on certain features you may decide what suits you.

GetResponse Review

First Watch the video below to understand how GetResponse Platform works.


Salient Features:

  1. A comprehensive email marketing system encompassing many powerful features viz. autoresponders, newsletter templates, landing pages, forms and surveys, list building management and effective campaign and account management.
  2. Powerful analytics with A/B testing for both desktops and mobiles.
  3. We all know that webinars are proving to be one of the most effective sales conversion and GetResponse gives you to run your own webinar and if you are a beginner, they have very good resources available to run your first webinar without having any previous experience. I did it for the first time and my first webinar itself was very profitable with 45% conversions.
  4. GetResponse integrates all above features in a very user-friendly way providing a great auto-funnel where all the campaigns are strategically designed and you just need to fill in the blanks.
  5. GetResponse gives you very good tools to integrate your e-commerce stores (including Shopify, Etsy, Magento, WordPress etc.). You can use GetResponse’s landing pages very strategically to sell your e-commerce products.
  6. GetResponse gives you a 30 days trial period for free where the credit card is not required. This is a very good offer because one month is sufficient enough to try and find whether GetResponse is suitable for your business or not.
  7. Click here to try GetResponse free for 30 days without giving the details of your credit card.
  8. After one month the Basic plan costs $15 per month. You may have a list up to 1000 contacts and 1 sales-funnel. I have been using GetResponse for quite some time and its basic plan is a very good value for money at least for beginners.

Kartra Review

Salient Features:

  1. Like GetResponse, Kartra also provides all the basic elements of email marketing like list building, auto-responders, newsletters, landing pages, auto-funnels etc. All these features are integrated in a very user-friendly way.
  2. Kartra, in addition to email marketing services, gives you a platform to build your own website. So it is kind of a complete solution for your online business which is great.
  3. What I really like in Kartra is that besides providing a normal website, it also has a feature where you can build 2 membership sites under their basic plan. Membership sites are great tools to have in your kitty if you plan to scale up your business for passive income.
  4. Helpdesk service is a very important aspect of any online business because customers demand fast service for all their queries. Many times e-commerce sites lose business because of a buying customer not getting an instant answer to their query.
  5. You may join Kartra for 14 days with 1$ and after the end of this trial period. They charge $199 per month for their basic plan which covers up to 2500 contacts, 1 custom domain, up to 100 pages hosting, 20 products and 2 membership sites. They also give a discount of $240 if you plan to pay annually instead of monthly.
  6. Kartra is a bit more expensive than GetResponse. But they really provide too many additional features which are actually not a part of the email marketing system. It is a complete solution for any online business. Click Here to start your 14 days trial in $1.
Kartra Review

My Recommendation

I personally use GetResponse because my online business already has established websites as well as membership sites. Hence I wanted a platform that should be able to provide a very effective email marketing setup. GetResponse is able to provide that.

However, if one is starting from scratch, I will prefer Kartra which is very clear from Kartra review above. Kartra gives one complete solution for your online business. This will make your life very easy because all aspects of your online business can be controlled at one portal.