Email Marketing for Dummies

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Concept of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must if you want to succeed in internet marketing.
Followings are the 4 main steps that you follow in internet marketing:
1. Sending laser targeted clicks to a well designed landing page.
2. Capture your prospect’s Name and Email on the landing page.
3. A follow up with an email using an auto-responder.
4. Regularly sending useful news letter.

How to achieve above four Steps.

1. Find a good Email Marketing company. I use GetResponse. There are many other companies like Aweber, vertical response etc but I will take GetResponse as an example to explain the concept of email marketing as I am use it and hence I am familiar with it. However, once you understand the concept more or less all of them work in the same way. GetResponse is reliable and reasonable. They also give 14 days trial offer. For a beginner, I recommend to opt for package for beginners costing $15 per month. You can upgrade later as your confidence on email marketing concept grows with time.

2. Next comes the landing page. Design of landing page is important as it should be distraction free. Your prospect should be presented with a page where the text and the images are highlighted at the right place for something that he is looking for. And information related to his requirement should be so relevant that he gets tempted to give his name and email ID. The smallest package of GetResponse comes with one landing page builder and it is included in $15 per month. I have this package but when I need more number of landing pages for various products, I use WordPress’s post to create one. It takes time but it is OK as it saves me lot of money.

This page on my blog is an example of a WordPress landing page. It will give some insight about how to make a free landing page.

3. After your prospect has given you his name and email address and clicked on “Submit” (Or whatever name you have assigned to the button), a “Thank You” page pops up which either tells him / her to check his email for more information or you allow him to download your files or whatever action you want to create for him. Normally, GetResponse’s Thank you page comes with a suitable ready made thank you page, and I use that. However, you can also design your custom “thank you” page.

4. Next is the concept of “Auto Responder”  where you you create multiple messages in advance and the “Auto Responder” keeps sending them as you configure. For example, you may make 3 email messages and configure your Auto Responder to send email no. 1 on the day email is captured, email no. 2 after 1 day and the email no. 3 after 4 days. Get Response has a very user friendly way of configuring these parameters.

5. Time to time, you may send your news letters with interesting and useful contents related to your products to your subscribers.

The following video will be quite useful to learn other details not covered in this post.


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