Blog Page Vs Blog Post: StumbleUpon Makes your blog Go Viral

Blog Page Vs Blog Post

Blog Page Vs Blog Post

Whenever, one starts a new blog, It becomes a bit confusing to decide what is better, when we compare Blog page Vs Blog Post.

Both are good in their own way and which one to use depends upon what you are trying to do.

Let us see, what is better when you are trying to make your blog go viral by adding the blog in your account’s “Likes”

Many bloggers are using StumbleUpon in order to let their blog post go viral. Have you tried it yet? If not, you are leaving serious dollars on the table.

I tried a new method to promote my blog I created this blog in a way so that my latest post always remains the home page. I wrote my first post and added it to the “Likes” of my StumbleUpon account. Now, even if my very first post was not liked by many stumblers, every time I posted a new blog post, that particular post becomes the home page post. Now, it has a fairly good probability that at least one of my blog post may be liked by others. This has fairly good chances of any of my post go viral. Normally, when we have static page as the home page of the blog, that page only is opened when somebody clicks on your blog. In my strategy, every time StumbleUpon shows my blog, it shows my latest post. I will consider a different scenario where using blog page will be a better option when we compare Blog Page Vs Blog Post.

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