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Videze commercialAfter struggling in internet marketing industry for more than 5 years, what finally worked for me was the combination of YouTube and email marketing. I created videos in my niche and inserted my landing page link in the description of the video. This worked quite well for me. Problem was, how to keep making professional looking videos quickly and regularly. I am not great in making videos. Actually, I become a bit nervous when I face the camera. My problem got solved when I got a review copy of Videze Commercial software. It is an amazing product where you can make high quality animated videos in minutes. Just imagine, making 4-5 videos in a day instead of 4-5 videos in a month? Videze Commercial Software is a game changer and has taken my internet marketing business to the next level. I very strongly recommend this software if you are really serious about your Online success.

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So far, YouTube has proven to be the best source of organic free traffic for my online business.  Making great looking videos on a regular basis was my only problem which got solved with this great product Videze Commercial.

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An online tool that will help your business grow faster than ever using ingenious way of harvesting web traffic using social media.

Source: Ingenious Way to Get Web Traffic and Make Money from It

Even though ClickBank is the most successful affiliate marketing platform on the Internet...

...even though thousands of the most successful affiliate marketers on the Internet are getting direct deposits to their bank accounts every week...

...still others struggle earning a decent income from their affiliate marketing efforts.

It’s truly unfortunate (and you’re about to discover how totally unnecessary) once enthusiastic affiliate marketers end up hanging it up and quitting.

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Concept of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must if you want to succeed in internet marketing.
Followings are the 4 main steps that you follow in internet marketing:
1. Sending laser targeted clicks to a well designed landing page.
2. Capture your prospect's Name and Email on the landing page.
3. A follow up with an email using an auto-responder.
4. Regularly sending useful news letter.

How to achieve above four Steps.

1. Find a good Email Marketing company. I use GetResponse. There are many other companies like Aweber, vertical response etc but I will take GetResponse as an example to explain the concept of email marketing as I am use it and hence I am familiar with it. However, once you understand the concept more or less all of them work in the same way. GetResponse is reliable and reasonable. They also give 14 days trial offer. For a beginner, I recommend to opt for package for beginners costing $15 per month. You can upgrade later as your confidence on email marketing concept grows with time.

2. Next comes the landing page. Design of landing page is important as it should be distraction free. Your prospect should be presented with a page where the text and the images are highlighted at the right place for something that he is looking for. And information related to his requirement should be so relevant that he gets tempted to give his name and email ID. The smallest package of GetResponse comes with one landing page builder and it is included in $15 per month. I have this package but when I need more number of landing pages for various products, I use WordPress's post to create one. It takes time but it is OK as it saves me lot of money.

This page on my blog is an example of a WordPress landing page. It will give some insight about how to make a free landing page.

3. After your prospect has given you his name and email address and clicked on "Submit" (Or whatever name you have assigned to the button), a "Thank You" page pops up which either tells him / her to check his email for more information or you allow him to download your files or whatever action you want to create for him. Normally, GetResponse's Thank you page comes with a suitable ready made thank you page, and I use that. However, you can also design your custom "thank you" page.

4. Next is the concept of "Auto Responder"  where you you create multiple messages in advance and the "Auto Responder" keeps sending them as you configure. For example, you may make 3 email messages and configure your Auto Responder to send email no. 1 on the day email is captured, email no. 2 after 1 day and the email no. 3 after 4 days. Get Response has a very user friendly way of configuring these parameters.

5. Time to time, you may send your news letters with interesting and useful contents related to your products to your subscribers.

The following video will be quite useful to learn other details not covered in this post.


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Affilorama: Your Pathway to Passive Income through Affiliate Website.

This review is of Affilorama’s free membership site. Mark Ling founded Affilorama a few years ago. Mark Ling is a successful millionaire affiliate marketer. He created Affilorama which comprises of over 100+ video lessons designed to help beginners to advance affiliates build a successful affiliate website.

Mark wasn’t always a top-level affiliate marketer. He was once a poor college student. Looking for a better way to earn money. He developed this unique way of executing affiliate marketing. Then everything changed and he started to earn lots of money - thousands of dollars a week, and since then, he never looked back…

But then he got slapped by Google, and his income plummeted. He ended up going massively into debt.

Affiliate website

And he almost gave up. He quit his affiliate marketing and he got a day job… but as he took the job, he decided, he realized that he didn’t want to work a 9-5 lifestyle. He decided to give it one more go. He revamped his strategies, worked hard... and now?

He is a multi-millionaire affiliate marketer who is living the dream life.

To help others live his dream life, he has created a free Affilorama membership. I’ve checked it out and I highly recommend it.

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Once you sign-up, you’ll be given access to over 100+ free video lessons. These lessons cover pretty much any topic you can think about and teach you a tonne about how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Topics include:

* How to pick profitable products to promote
* How to build and design websites
* How to get SEO traffic
* How to use PPC traffic effectively
* How to outsource and scale your business

***Lessons for Beginners & Intermediate Marketers***

Because Affilorama has over 100+ lessons, it has something for everyone. If you’re just beginning in the internet marketing world, you can start with the lessons that teach you the basics of what affiliate website marketing is and how it works. You can then work your way up from there.

But it’s also great if you’re an intermediate marketer too. Marks lessons cover topics aimed at more experienced marketers such as how to effectively use outsourcing to grow your business/websites. So don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for newbies: It’s for everyone.

Get Free Entry into Affilorama’s Forum

Another cool bonus you get for becoming an Affilorama member is you will get access to their free forum. This is one of the largest forums on the internet for discussing affiliate marketing. The Affilorama training staff also pop into the forum to answer questions.

***But Be Warned: It Doesn’t Give You Everything***

Affilorama’s free membership is a great training package and I strongly recommend it. But just keep in mind that to become an affiliate website marketer, you’re going to need some others tools too, such as…

* Web hosting
* SEO tools
* PPC tools

I’ve got some good news for you though: From time-to-time, Affilorama offer $1 trials of their Affilorama Premium subscription, which gives you access to ALL of these things, plus some premium training too. So if you see Affilorama offering a $1 trial of their Premium subscription, I strongly suggest you get it because the service will save you a LOT of money.

I’m really happy I signed up to Affilorama’s membership. I’ve really enjoyed the video lessons, and it is great to get training from a millionaire affiliate marketer like Mark Ling. To get your own free membership, sign-up now: