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There are many ways to monetize your blog or website. But the best way to monetize a blog is by contextual ads.

I have described the whole process below.

Advertisers select your website and ask you to insert their links at a desired part of your website. It might be within your post or in the side bar or any where. Once you do that they pay you monthly for keeping that link on your page.

There are many platforms available for doing that. But my favorite one is Magenet where the whole process is automated. Magenet has created a plugin for WordPress and Blogger platforms and once you install their plugin, the advertiser's link is automatically placed on your blog and you start getting your monthly payments via PayPal.

So, once you have added all your blogs and websites, you don't have to do any work. It is that simple.

Other than Magenet, there are a few good ones like LinksManagement and Adsy. I prefer to monetize my blogs by all these three platforms.

All these work almost in a similar way.

Hope this information is useful and will help you find the best way to monetize a blog.


Following are a few very good sources of Free Traffic.


This one is my favorite source of free traffic. This site according to me is All in one FaceBook, Twitter, press release site, Ad site etc. Free to join and even then delivers immensely. There are a few up-sales but I have not gone for any and it works for me all free.

Traffic Ad Bar

It is traffic exchange site. I spend less than 10 minutes of my time each day and it is able to generate 50 to 100 hits to my site.

Link Colider

It is a traffic exchange site with a difference. More advantageous if you want to increase you YouTube subscribers or FaceBook Fan page "Likes".
LinkCollider - Website Ranking Tool Using Social Media
Leads Leap

Another great exchange site similar to Traffic Ad Bar.

I Need Hits

This is a paid site and in their smallest package they generate 1000 niche specific hits per month. I am a paid subscriber here. If I am able to generate targeted leads in my list by 20 to 30 contacts every month in $10 (Not considering the conversions), its a great deal when you compare the same with Bing or Google Ads. It is a dirt cheap traffic.

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What is Google PageSpeed Optimization

Google PageSpeed Optimization is the latest kitty that Google has taken out of its bag and it has taken every SEO expert by surprise. This has become the foremost important point to Google's search algorithm. They have set a limit of the speed within which your blog or website has to be fully loaded else it will be penalized. In short, if your site is not fast enough, there is no point in wasting time over SEO or keyword research etc. In other words, loading speed of a website became on of the key factors of search engine optimization. Google also provided tools like Google PageSpeed Insight which tells you the problematic portions of your website and suggests ideas about how to fix them.

You can click on this link to check the speed of you blog at which it loads and what are the recommendations as given by google.

Google pagespeed optimization

Initially I tried too many things but finally, I came to the conclusion that there are too main criterion which decide your blog's loading speed.

  1. Image size, type and compression: This is specially true if you are a travel blogger and you have many images in your blog posts. The best site which helped me achieving proper image optimization is

Simply enter your blog's URL and it will generate a comprehensive report with respect to Google pagespeed optimization. It has generated the following report for one of my blog  My score in image optimization is quite high as I have already implemented what is required as per this site's recommendation.

Google PageSpeed Optimization

If you click on "Optimize Images" in the first column it will show you the details of your images that need optimization. See below one of the images on my blog as encircled by red color.

Image Optimization

It has found this non optimized image in your blog with its complete location and name of the image, which is

Right after this image link, it has provided you the optimized image with slightly different name. If you click on the "Optimized Image", you get the following new image location and the name:

You will notice that the optimized image name is name of the non optimized + _df76daf31b9f44353f26251df03e1138 and its location is, of course on's server.

Since now we know that our image has been optimized, let us see how to replace non optimized image on our website or blog by the new optimized image.

First you create a path on your computer's C: drive (ignore your website's name) as per non optimized image which in this case is:


Now click on the optimized image as given on and right click on the image. Click on "Save as" on the subsequent pop-up box. then select the folder C:wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ that you have just created and save it as cropped-Copy-of-CHCH-010 (Name of the original image. Delete _df76daf31b9f44353f26251df03e1138 that has been added in the optimized image. Now the optimized image is saved on your computer in the same path as your website's hosting server.

Now go the control panel of server where your website is hosted. I am assuming that you are familiar with these terms if you own a blog or a website. Open your file manager. Control panels provided by hosting companies are very similar with a few differences here and there. File manager of my control panel looks like below:

Google PageSpeed image optimization

You will notice that I have browsed through my file manager as per the path provided by non optimized image. I have encircled this path by red color. Now simply copy the image C:wp-content/uploads/2017/09/cropped-Copy-of-CHCH-010 from your computer to the folder as shown above. Remember, my wordpress's root directory is at the folder named htppdocs. It will different for you and if you are not sure, you may call the help desk of your hosting company and find about it.

Repeat this process for all your non optimized images. Once you have completed the process, all images will disappear from the performance report of and all of your website's images will be optimized as per google pagespeed optimization.

Another advice is to use only jpeg images and not png images on your websites. You will find many plugins for doing this if you have your blog / website on wordpress platform, but I personally feel that this is the most efficient way of optimizing your images.

2) Second most important factor to increase the loading speed of your blog, is careful and efficient use of java script. Now, I am not a web developer but a blogger. I can not spend my time in doing all this. So, instead of solving this problem related to Java script, I circumvented it and it worked. I will share a few points that may work for you as well.

a) If you are using YouTube videos in your blog post, never ever use the embedded script provided by YouTube. Instead, take a snap shot of your video, and create a hyperlink for this image using your YouTube URL. Your loading speed will immediately go up.

b) When you are searching for plugin to create social buttons for your blog, search with the following terms:

"Java script free social links buttons plugin for WordPress"

You will be amazed to find many plugins which say that their plugin work without Java scripts. Use only those plugins and see your loading speed rocketing up like magic.

c) Be very careful of using complicated themes. Go for the simpler themes that do not have intricate header. This itself will increase your blog's loading speed. I have seen in general, that people browsing for information or products prefer simpler website pages rather than jazzy ones. Simple pages cause less distraction and your conversion rate also improves.

I have explained these points with my personal research and experience and I hope, it will help you achieve excellent Google pagespeed optimization. Do leave a comment if you have any comment or suggestion regarding google pagespeed optimization. I like to be proactive with my audience for mutual benefits.

Google pagespeed optimization



“Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.”                                                                                             -Simon Dumenco

What Simon Dumenco has stated is very true but efficiency of publishing can be scaled up in such a way that a good content has propensity to reach wider audience.

Below are our 5 easy steps to increase your blog traffic and also these 5 are my favorites which are often overlooked by many bloggers. Of course, here I have not included the obvious ones like keyword research, guest blogging etc.

  1. Trackbacks: WordPress along with many other blogging websites, has a wonderful capability named as trackbacks. Trackbacks is When you mention any other webpage on a website, their blog (if it is also on a supporting platform) will get a mention that they have been mentioned. It creates a backlink for readers to follow. It really is an easy and effective tactic for the websites to share great content and then receive contextual backlinks.
  2. Promote your blog post on social media: Promoting my blog posts on social media has done wonders to my blog. Mostly I promote my blog posts on relevant Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin groups, Digg, stumbleUpon, Reddit, IBOtoolbox etc. Also, your blog must have social sharing buttons, at least for these social media platforms.5 Easy steps to increase your blog traffic
  3. Include relevant YouTube videos in your blog post: In today's world, never underestimate the power of an informative video. Also, do not forget that Google owns YouTube and that's why videos have capability to generate more traffic to your blog. Not only that, I, many a times make a small video promoting the content of my blog. Many a times, I have observed that even if my blog post doesn't appear on the first page of google directly but still it gets it presence because of my video which lands on the first page with much less efforts.
  4. Use Efficient software to promote your blog: Earlier, I was never ever in favor of these promotional software because the industry is full of inefficient and fake soft-wares. But, be open to adopt the good ones. Recently, I came across TrafficZion-Pro which really worked for me. I will not go into the details of this software but you may evaluate it by clicking here, if you want to know more.
  5. Write Great Content: Here, I completely agree with Simon Dumenco as after all blog is all about writing. No amount of traffic is of any use if your content is not able to engage with your readers. Never ever bother about keywords, blog post promotion until you have written the full article to your satisfaction and you feel proud of sharing your blog post with your friends and loved ones. Once this is achieved, follow various means of promoting it.

These are my favorite 5 Easy steps to increase your blog traffic.

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Blog Page Vs Blog Post

Blog Page Vs Blog Post

Whenever, one starts a new blog, It becomes a bit confusing to decide what is better, when we compare Blog page Vs Blog Post.

Both are good in their own way and which one to use depends upon what you are trying to do.

Let us see, what is better when you are trying to make your blog go viral by adding the blog in your account's "Likes"

Many bloggers are using StumbleUpon in order to let their blog post go viral. Have you tried it yet? If not, you are leaving serious dollars on the table.

I tried a new method to promote my blog I created this blog in a way so that my latest post always remains the home page. I wrote my first post and added it to the "Likes" of my StumbleUpon account. Now, even if my very first post was not liked by many stumblers, every time I posted a new blog post, that particular post becomes the home page post. Now, it has a fairly good probability that at least one of my blog post may be liked by others. This has fairly good chances of any of my post go viral. Normally, when we have static page as the home page of the blog, that page only is opened when somebody clicks on your blog. In my strategy, every time StumbleUpon shows my blog, it shows my latest post. I will consider a different scenario where using blog page will be a better option when we compare Blog Page Vs Blog Post.

Read my personal blog to keep you motivated.

Do not forget to leave your comment on this blog post. It will help me improve my future posts. I will see to it that I reply to each and every comment / question personally.
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The internet is full of info products claiming how to make dollars online on auto pilot. I am really fed up of such claims. Before you try any such products, learn the basics. There are two Blogging tips that can make you a successful blogger to make money online.

Blogging Tips 1

Content that you provide in your blog posts: This is the most important factor to be successful blogger. Try to master the art of writing about the subject that you are passionate about. If you content is not interesting or useful, nothing will happen even if you get millions of clicks everyday.

Blogging tips 2

Traffic: Once you are comfortable in generating great content, you need an audience for your content and that is when you need social media exposure, the rightly done SEO and paid clicks.

So, don't get caught by thousands of info products which claim to make you rich overnight just by following a process created by their so called software or push button.

Research a niche, check whether it has demand in the market, write a blog post around your niche and once you are satisfied with your content, start looking for the ways to generate traffic. It is as simple as that. If you do not do this, you will waste your money and time with ZERO result. You don't need any book or guidance to be a successful blogger as long as you are blogging in a field that you are passionate about. Just follow these two blogging tips and you are done. You should choose a niche that you are so passionate about that you will pay to work in that niche or field. Otherwise, you will try to write a few posts somehow and immediately give up when you don't get results. If that happens, understand that you are not meant to be a blogger and try something else.

Blogging tips

So, pull up your socks and start now. Only you can help yourself. Blogging is a hard work but if you do it the right way, end result is very satisfying and lucrative.

Still not convinced? Go through this travel blog.