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Money Making Online Jobs: Work from Home

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Money making online jobs

Money Making Online Jobs

Today, online business is a trillion dollar industry. If you are unable to earn online and take your share from this trillion dollar industry in this era, then you are committing an inexcusable mistake. There are not only millions of money making online jobs are available but more interestingly internet is the easiest platform to start your own business. Major advantage of starting your business on internet is that your require very less or no capital to start your first venture. Many people have written about it but very little practical step by step guidance is available. I am using this platform to share my experience with you. I am not a super rich millionaire but after lot of hard work, I have learn t the basics of internet marketing and am able to maintain a steady flow of residual income which has been increasing month after month.

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money making online jobs

Initially, when you are new to internet marketing, investment is the main problem. So we will start with a few methods where no money is to be invested. Later, as your business grows, a part of your income you may set aside to invest in your business to accelerate the growth rate.  

There are so many ways you can earn online and in this post we will be concentrating on affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you sell somebody Else's physical or info products and get commission on each sale. There are many sites where vendors look for affiliates to sell their products. A few of them are Clickbank, JVzoo etc. You can join either both of them or one of them. I recommend JVzoo as Clickbank is too crowded and there are too many people selling Clickbank products and hence Clickbank's products are too competitive. JVzoo has a few very good products and still not as crowded as Clickbank.

Click Here to open an account with JVzoo. Remember to open your account as an affiliate and not as vendor.

After you log in JVzoo as an affiliate, select the right product to sell. It is very important to select a product in a niche which really interests you and you are passionate about. it. If you are interested in body fitness, then click on the "Market Place" and select "The Best Sellers". Under best sellers, you select any product in health and fitness niche. Why I always ask to consider your interest for selecting a best seller because internet marketing demands perseverance and if you are not interested in the niche what you are selling, you tend to get bored after sometime and give up at the slightest set back.

Now you have your affiliate account and you have selected your product in a niche you are passionate about. When you select a product to sell, you seek permission from the vendor and once your request is approved, you are given an affiliate link using which you sell that product.

Ideally next step should be to register a domain name related to your product and then build and then host your website. E.g. When I decided to sell a weight loss product I registered and hosted a website But since here we are trying to build and grow our business with zero investment, you may use to have your own blog for free. Actually this page where I am writing this article uses blogger's free blog. If I had not made my weight loss tips website, I would have created a page on blogger with URL

Your blog page is ready and you have a product to sell. Now, you write an article of approximately 500 words about your product. Now don't make faces that you can't write. Anybody can write. After all, didn't you write essays in your college days? The article should be interesting and be relevant to your niche or product. What you need to be careful is that certain keywords related to your product must be used at least 5-6 times in your article. You may also highlight these keywords in bold letters. Insert a few pictures relevant to your product in your article. Make a list of a few popular keywords related to your niche and insert them under "Labels" in your blog.

Create hyperlink for all the keywords with the URL provided to you by the product vendors. You can do it the way I have done for JVzoo in the paragraphs above.

After following all these steps, comes the most important and tricky part of the project and that is driving traffic to your page.

We will drive traffic by two ways:

1) Through Social Media sites

2) Through Search Engines.

Traffic By Social Media:

The  social media sites that work best for me are facebook, twitter, tumblr and pinterest. I create one face book fan page related to my niche, one twitter account, one tumblr account and one pinterest account with the account name same as my product or niche or a variation of the name of the niche / product. Very important point about your social media accounts is that do not fill it with garbage by playing number game by going to traffic exchange sites or "Like" exchange sites. Instead of doing that start with your friends in your network and request them to share your page / account with their friends. Also, start posting interesting relevant messages on your page / account on a consistent basis. Always remember, consistency is the key to success as far as social media marketing is concerned. After all your pages/ accounts start taking shape, slowly move towards social book marking sites to further popularize your social media pages / accounts. I find stumbleupon, reddit and digg quite advantageous if content of your blog is good. Never ever try to spam these sites by posting your blog posts again and again. Try to use these sites as a user first. After posting every three-four interesting sites not belonging to you, post one blog post of yours.

Pictures make your blog and fan pages look interesting. you may open an account in which has many photos where users are allowed to download to post the photos in your timeline or in your tweets.

Organic Traffic by Search Engines:

In other words this process is called search engine optimization. In fact you have already done a part of it when you selected the name of your blog and using your niche name a few times in your blog post. What remains is getting a few back links for your blog. Google gives more importance to the websites if the link of your page is available at different sites. This is a complex process but for now this is sufficient for you to understand that if many people are talking about at different websites, you will rank higher in the eyes of google.

You may visit This site posts your blog post to the many social marking sites like,,, and many more.

Once you have posted your blog post to all these social marking sites, note down the URLs of your posting on each of these sites and save all the URLs in note pad.

Then visit and copy and paste all the URLs (including the URL of your blog) in the box of its home page, enter your niche (Keyword) at the bottom line of the box and click on "Ping". This service will ping all your URLs to many many search engines. 

I have tried to write this post in short to give you a kick start to your money making online jobs ideas. Actually so many topics like keyword research, social media marketing, search engine optimization demands at least 2-3 posts written in details. I will keep posting about many of such topics to fine tune your business for more profits. So, keep checking for my future posts.  

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